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How to Buy

A global marketplace for online sourcing

►Over 60 thousand verified supplier storefronts            ►Safe and simple trade solutions                  ►Easily access verified suppliers

4 steps to sourcing on

Find products → Screen results→Contact suppliers→Trade with confidence

Find products
        Option 1 - Search
          Search from among 1.5 billion products.
        Option 2 - Post a Buying Request
         Take just 5 minutes to fill out a Buying Request and we will match you with 10 selected suppliers in 48 hours.
         CiqemSourcing offers the following:
          1.Verified Suppliers: Genuine and complaint-free suppliers verified by
          2.Prompt Service: Receive quotes from suppliers in as little as 48 hours
          3.Simple & Easy: Use 5 minutes to fill out a Buying Request and get up to 10 quotes

Screen results
        Option 1 - Filter
          Our advanced search function will help you find the right products quickly and easily. Select Category, Country/Region or Verification Type   to filter your search results. 
       Option 2 - Compare
         To help you choose the best option within a selection, check the Compare box. You can compare the products and supplier information of at least two suppliers.

Contact suppliers
         Option 1 - Get Latest Price
           Click "Get Latest Price" to get an accurate quote from a supplier fast.
         Option 2 - Send an Inquiry

Trade with confidence
         Escrow Service’s Escrow Service makes safe:
          1.Fast, easy & personalized service: Place your order, pay, and track delivery conveniently online or have a dedicated service representative help you through the process.
          2.Fair and unbiased dispute resolution: will mediate trade disputes based on evidence provided by both buyer and supplier.

          Use’s Inspection Service to ensure product quality:
           1.Reliable Inspectors: checks every inspector's qualifications to confirm their authenticity and capabilities.
           2.Affordable Service: Inspection fees from as low as US $105 per man-day.