What is QEM Group Brand

* QEM is an identification of China High Quality Export Manufacture

* Assess export manufacture from four aspects

* Introduce a third body SGS to participate in QEM assessment

* Easy approach to first-hand quality export manufacture via QEM identification

Important Info about the four aspects

General Information of enterprise identification: Verification of registration information and enterprise identification for commercial enterprise and e-commerce enterprise based on the No. 49 Notice of State Administration for industry and commerce is offered by EBS-center which is a third public service body.

Assessment of export manufacture: Based on the No. 113 Notice of AQSIQ, it is a comprehensive assessment and classification of an enterprise from nine factors including its quality assurance ability, product quality and company credit etc.

Inspection and Verification: made by CIQEM.COM exclusive partner, international third party SGS, SGS check the certifications which provided by the manufacture on management system and product certification and issue report of its authenticity.

Real Trading Record: Real trading record of global trading data offered by the CIQEM.COM could support with detailed data and service for trading matching.

QEM Value

For Supplier:

1、Not immerge in massive e-commerce network and save marketing cost;

2、More trust from the purchaser;

3、More business and financial support;

4、Continuous tracking and evaluation of cooperated or potential purchasers;

5、Significantly reduce time consumption in the flow of traditional trading links.

For Purchaser:

1、 Effective and high-quality approach of supplier;

2、Continuous expand of new good products and suppliers;

3、Continuous tracking and evaluation of cooperated suppliers;

4、Trading Classification System assures safety purchasing;

5、Significantly reduce time consumption in the flow of traditional trading links.