About us

Shenzhen HUA-JIAN Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to “HUA-JIAN”) established in 2010, is China’s leading foreign trade e-commerce solutions and operational services provider. Making world trade more convenient, HUA-JIAN has set up the following platforms for 70000 China quality manufactures and nearly million purchasers throughout the world: foreign trade M2B platform –www.ciqem.com; global trading data service platform –www.ciqdb.com; global trading information service platform –www.ciqol.com. These platforms make a comprehensive and complete e-commerce solution possible, from the aspects of data mining, information service to trade matching.

HUA-JIAN has established the China Quality Export Manufacture (QEM) group brand and played a positive role in promoting the cooperation between China quality export manufactures and global purchasers. China identified quality export manufacture network will successively expand its services with: industry-specific purchasing platform, regional industry group, target market platform, network distribution platform and OEM/ODM order taking platform.

Up to 16th August 2013, 92992 registered users have been active on a/m three platforms of HUA-JIAN. HUA-JIAN has provided foreign trade information services to almost 2000 export manufactures in the past three years and won the honors of “The 2012 Annual Valuable Service Agent” and “The 2013 Annual Valuable Service Agent for Cross-border E-commerce”.


CIQEM.COM is a high quality export products M2B e-commerce platform fully trusted by worldwide users. It is founded in 2012 by HUA-JIAN and dedicate to provide “quality, convenient and dependable” purchasing experience of China export products. The manufacture group of the platform which we call QEM Group is all quality export manufactures “100% supervised by the Chinese government AQSIQ”, with a number of merely 68000 who contribute 80% of the total export amount in China’s foreign trade.

QEM Group Brand assesses and evaluates its manufactures from four aspects: Manufacture’s general information, Assessment of AQSIQ, Credit and Verification Info inspected by SGS and real trading data, and authorized it with QEM Digital Identification. This will help China’s quality export manufactures win the trust of good foreign purchasers and enhance their competitiveness in the global market.

CIQEM.COM also provides purchasers with solution for finding high-quality products, reducing purchasing risks and costs, and filtering out suitable suppliers. We wish to build up a dependable trading environment for global trade and to promote the healthy development of global e-commerce.


CIQOL.COM is a foreign trade information service platform founded in October 2010 with current registered members over 300 thousand, which is authorized by the “China Import and Export Enterprise Service Center” of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and exclusively operated by Shenzhen HUA-JIAN Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd.

CIQOL.COM covers fifteen main trading industries such as electronic, household appliances, lighting, vehicles and parts, machinery, hardware tool, building materials, chemical products, consumer goods, gifts, home decorations, office and leisure goods, bags, shoes, textile and clothing, food and native specialty. CIQOL.COM provides duly, accurate and effective real information including foreign trade information, update news and cross-border warning and alert respectively for different industries and different target markets. It has made itself the most valuable platform for cross-border e-commerce.

CIQOL.COM provides import and export enterprises and its employees with massive high-value technical trading information and news, purchaser details, inquiries, warnings and alerts, as well as creative market analysis report based on huge data mining every day, and updates on due time. CIQOL.COM has become a portal with great influence and a leading online service platform for China’s import and export enterprises to avoid risk and to expand ones market.


CIQDB.COM is a database analysis system with independent intellectual property rights owned by Shenzhen HUA-JIAN Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. With features of real-time tracking, independent approach of customer, low barrier to foreign trade development and easy to use, it becomes China’s leading product-oriented database analysis platform. Relying on massive, real and dependable global trading data and its processing, filtering and optimizing of the data, it helps export enterprises to solve three core problems: where is our customer? Who are they? And how to do business with them? It can also help export enterprises make effective market trend analysis, and define marketing strategy and customer development plan.